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Hello! Hola! Wilkommen i benvinguts!

I am still not too clear on what I should write in this section but I guess the above picture summarises what the blog is about pretty well. I am passionate about cooking, eating and enjoying both. My interests lie on many areas: learning new techniques, the chemistry behind cooking, the origin and history of ingredients, recipes and words or sayings; the impact that food has on our body & minds, our health, our relations and our culture… It is all so fascinating! And since drilling my friends or family with information, experiments and recipes I cook is perhaps not the best option (for them) I have decided to create this as my “outlet” and start writing about it all, and just see what happens.

All recipes in the recipe index have been cooked and tasted by me (other times by other people too a.k.a. my favourite guinea pigs). Although some are a result of hunger and my stomach’s demands, others are a mishmash of different sources of inspiration: places I’ve been to, food I’ve tasted, articles I’ve read, videos I’ve watched… In each recipe, I have quoted and linked the main sources or influences in hope of being more informative and transparent about how it all came to be. I have put together a list of the blogs and sites I check and often rely on to cook better.

The purpose of this blog is to collect and share all the nice food I get to prepare, eat and learn about every day. This comes from my own personal need to keep record of the meals, recipes and resources I use. Every meal is like a mission for me, I take it pretty seriously: research, preparation, planning and a lot of excitement. Luckily I’m not intolerant to anything and I was brought up in a Mediterranean culture where we eat vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy and eggs often, we cook with olive oil and we try practice moderation (sometimes it’s hard, ask my Mom about turrón de yema). For a while now I have been exploring the plant-based world. It is definitely interesting and I have a lot of fun experimenting with new less-used ingredients, learning how to be more creative and expanding horizons basically; so there will be plenty of veggies around here!

My grandmother, who loved cooking among other things she did, used to write down her recipes in ringbinders: handwritten, full of small newspaper and magazine clippings, many times without indicating any amounts or proportions… the real deal. I considered continuing the ringbinder-recipe tradition, but then I asked myself what she would’ve done if she lived in our time, now and here. She was an extremely curious person, I have memories of her coming home with a paper list full of things she wanted me to research for her in the “wonderful Internet”. My aunt, who is an incredible baker and photographer, keeps her recipes in PDFs in her computer and phone. She is the kind of person who you can message any day and there is always something delicious, sweet and tasty about to go into the oven. And so, despite the love I have for paper and pen and bright paper-collages, I decided to go with screens, cloud and practicality because sharing is caring, and if I’m going to be writing and keeping track of what I cook, I might as well share it with the world out there. I also love taking pictures and trying to challenge myself to become better at photography too so, hopefully, from post 1 to 100 you will be able to see some progress; both in the recipes and the photos!

Cooking can be easy, fun and delicious, so learn cook eat and repeat.


“Recipes are not assembly manuals. Recipes are guides and suggestions for a process that is infinitely nuanced. Recipes are sheet music.” -Michael Ruhlman

“El amor es tan importante como la comida. Pero no alimenta.” – Gabriel García Márquez

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